What is Membership?

One of the most severe problems facing those who choose to carry concealed is the massive potential personal and financial cost from doing something wrong, or having a law enforcement officer think you did something wrong. Many folks who easily pass the background checks and force themselves to sit through the training requirements are wholly unprepared for what happens once they start carrying a handgun in public. The simplest of mistakes could cost hundreds in fines, loss of reputation, time in jail and thousands in attorney fees. No one should carry without planning for protection up front. As General Counsel for OhioCCDS my job is to teach, protect and defend you. We teach by publishing newsletters to highlight the proper way to carry concealed. We protect by being available to answer your questions about concealed carry. Most importantly, we defend by offering unlimited civil and criminal defense for matters relating to your handgun. Members receive this benefit by through our monthly or annual retainer as set forth in our Service Contract. To give you some perspective, the simplest of mistakes on average cost from $3,000 to $5,000 to defend. Except for our retainer, members receive their defense for no additional cost.

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