What's new for 2015?

Since 2009, OhioCCDS has been operating in the State of Ohio dedicated to prepaid legal services for Ohio CHL law. We have been invited to a countless number of CHL courses across Ohio, we have been featured on regional radio talk shows, we have been invited to present gun issues at various universities, we have been asked to lead continuing legal education courses for bar associations and even have been able to host our own CHL permit courses. We have defended clients in both civil and criminal court rooms across the state.

Looking forward to the next 12 months, we will be focusing on several key areas:

Customer Service - Our support team has been dramatically increased along with the introduction of the latest cloud-based customer support software on the market. We are fully confident that we will be able to provide excellent customer service as we continue to expand.

Online Billing - This was a necessary step forward for us in 2015. There will no longer be a potential lapse in renewing memberships. Unless canceled, memberships will automatically be renewed on the renewal date with the credit card on file.

Monthly Payments - Due to requests from members, there will now be a low monthly payment option. Members will still be able to sign up on our annual plan.

Multi-State Protection - We are starting to plan for our services to be offered in other states. Currently we only protect individuals who are in Ohio with a valid concealed handgun license. State bar limitations limit our Ohio attorneys to practicing within the state where they are licensed. During 2015, we will be heavily researching the best methods to opening up coverage to other states.

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